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Developer: Perry Henderson
1.99 usd

Use your Pebble to see what your phone sees. PebbleCam streams your camera right onto your wrist. From your Pebble, you can toggle between rear and front camera, flash light mode or take high-res pictures as you wish. No WiFi or Internet required!Say goodbye to hurriedly rejoining your group photos. :)
PebbleCam requires an Android device with a good CPU and a good GPU for the image processing.
The limited bandwidth between your Pebble and your Android cuts PebbleCam to a transmission rate of approximately 20 frames per minute. We are working on a more sophisticated video codec to increase the frame rate over the next updates.
For all the early birds running Pebble OS 2.0 already: you can now shake, snap or tap onto your Pebble to take pictures!